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.Department - Marine Information Technology

Name of the Department Marine Information Technology
Year of Establishment  2007


Profile of the Department

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2007 with the commitment to prepare competent graduates who would be up to the challenge of implementing viable and sound IT solution in various domains. In view of the need for such professionals, the programmes offered stimulate the students’ urge for learning and introduce them to demands of industry from the very outset. Previously the department was called as Computer Department established in the year 1997. Our Mission is to provide quality education to the students and impart IT excellence in them. Apart from making them good technocrats, we also provide individual attention to make them good citizens of our nation to serve the industry and society constructively.

Information and Technology has permeated into all strata of our life. Shipping sector is no exception. There are many areas of Merchant Navy, Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering and Petroleum and Oil and Gas Exploration where IT solutions have come to stay viz., Travel, Transport and Logistics(TTL). Information Technology (IT) will have a vital role to play in maritime environmental research, to convey high quality results most accurately at a very high speed. This has been made possible due to the developments in leading edge technologies such as intranet, the internet, the web, high speed networking, data security, re-engineering, system management, disaster recovery, knowledge-based engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As of today, this department enjoys the status of a back bone for all Departments and fulfills the present day requirement of information world in marine related Programmes.

The Department with 7 faculty members and more than 2000 students work closely together in an open, university atmosphere. The Department places equal emphasis on theoretical and experimental Information Technology. The Department has the state-of-the-art facilities for various labs, well equipped wi-fi facility, class rooms to support LCD projectors and a Department library. The teaching and learning process of our department is ISO 9001 certified. Periodic guest lectures are conducted for the students to supplement their curriculum. This facilitates our students to update their knowledge on par with the industry standards.

Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the Faculty Development Programs, Workshops and Seminars arranged by other institutions and leading software industries in their own research area as a step towards strengthening their domain knowledge.

Dr. K. Komathy
Head of the Department


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