Programmes Offered :
India’s First Deemed to be University in Maritime Education

S.No Name of the Member Designation Functional Designation
1 COL.Dr.G.Thiruvasagam Vice Chancellor Chairman

The Registrar, who shall be the secretary of the academic Council

2 Dr.P. Saravanan Secretary Registrar

III Dean(S) of Faculties

1 Prof. K.R. Chidambaram Marine Engineering
2 Dr. P.N. Ananthanarayanan Academic
3 Capt. K. Karthik Nautical Science
4 Dr. V. Balamurugan Curriculum Development
5 Dr. R. Rajavel Under Graduate Studies Non-DG Programmes
6 Dr. M. Jayaprakashvel Life Science

IV Heads of the Departments

1 Dr. N. Manoharan Centre for Research
2 Prof. Cdr. Prashant Kumar Singhal Dept. of Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering
3 Dr. S.V. Saravanan Dept. of EEE(Marine)
4 Dr. K. Thiruvenkadasamy Dept. of Harbour and Ocean Engineering
5 Capt. I.V.S. Ramakrishna Dept. of Pre Sea Modular Programmes
6 Prof. S. Rengaraju

Dept. of HND - ME

7 Mr. P.J. Samson Dept. of HND-NS
8 Dr. S. Ramachandran AMET Business School
9 Dr. P. Bosco Dhanaseeli Dept. of Chemistry
10 Prof. S. Gomathy

Dept. of English

11 Dr. D. Ebenezer Dept. of Mathematics
12 Dr. R. Gandhimathi Dept. of Physics
13 Dr. M. Vijayaragavan Director, Physical Education

V Ten Professors other than the heads of the Departments (By Rotation of Seniority)

1 Capt. P. Rajendran Dept. of Nautical Science
2 Capt. K. Karthik Dept. of Nautical Science
3 Mr. Bhoopathy Bhaskaran Dept. of Marine Engineering
4 Mr. K.G. Ravi Kumar Dept. of Marine Engineering  
5 Mr. D. Immanuel Thiyagarajan

Dept. of Marine Engineering

6 Dr. A. Shameem

AMET Business School

7 Prof. K. Palanichamy

Department of Mathematics

8 Dr. J. Rajaraman

Dept. of Harbour Engineering

9 Dr. D. Arivazhagan

Director - Networking

10 Mr. K. Sekar

Librarian i/c

VI Two Associate professors from the departments other than the Heads of the departments by rotation of seniority

1 Dr. M. Bina Celine Dorathy Dept of AMET Business School
2 Dr. T. Nagalakshmi

Dept. of Petroleum Engineering

VII Two assistant professors from the departments by Rotation of Seniority

1 Mr. P. Ramanathan          

Dept.of Mechanical Engineering

2 Mr. S. Arunkumar Dept of Mathematics

VIII Three Persons from amongst educationists of repute or persons from any other fields related to the activities of the institution deemed to be university who are not in the service of the institution Deemed to be University , Nominated by the Vice –chancellor

1 Dr.Chitra Krishnan 

HOD, Foreign Language, University of Madras

2 Dr. V. Thangaraj

Controller of Examinations, Vel Tech University

3 Dr. M. Sekar

Faculty, School of Maritime Management, Indian Maritime University

IX Three persons who are not members of the Teaching Staff , Co-opted by the academic council for their specialized knowledge

1 Mr.Santhana Krishnan  Ship/Yard Manager Marine Consultant
2 Dr. M.A. Muthu Manickam

Scientist F, Joint Director, DRDO / Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment, Chennai

3 Mr. Gangadharan Vinod

Regional Vice President, The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Chennai

Special Invitees

1 Mrs. V. Sangeetha Albin Director - Administration
2 Prof. K. Seyadu

Chief Executive Officer

3 Dr. K. Duraipandian

Controller of Examinations

4 Dr. J. Rengamani

Dean, Faculty Development

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