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The Academic experience through excellent faculty at AMET University has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The exceptional programmes and practical training and teaching methodologies backed by good skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members of AMET has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey.

Anil Kumar Reddy
Chief Officer - MSI Shipping

Being a Seafarer takes you places and the one thing common in all the countries and continents i have visited is that, Indians are everywhere. From Las Palmas to Las Vegas and Reykjavik to Richards Bay, one is likely to find a desi person just going about with his life. In a similar fashion, being an AMETian, from my first assignment as a deck cadet to my current engagement as a chief mate, I have never sailed on a ship where I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting an AMETian . In my personal experience, AMETians are the Indians of the seafarer dimension. You are bound to bump into one from the day you embark till you sign off. AMET for me was, and still is, a place where I forged new bonds with my fellow mates. Its schedule and the way they operate is the perfect blend between professional growth and personal development.

Manoj Kumar
Chief Officer - Maersk Tankers

The blue vast oceans test a man's Calibre. It requires mentally tough and physically fit people who can navigate through the oceans. AMET provided me the right set of knowledge and skillset to be a disciplined and evolved sailor. I feel proud to say that I belong to the B.E Marine Technology batch which was a cadetship Training program provided by AMET in collaboration with AP Moller

Vilas Shukla
Chief Officer on Maersk Tankers

The journey from boy to man requires dedication and discipline. At AMET, I realised that sailing is not for the people who are in disciplined and non-dedicated. The initial days at AMET were tough, but it is these tough days that brings the best out of you. Our batch taught me what a good team work is and our college taught me what the right knowledge and motivation can lead to.

Sushil Sahu
Chief Officer at Maersk line

I never knew about the reality about shipping before I joined AMET. The very first days itself were an eye-opener to me. Slowly and steadily I came to know about the will and courage it requires to be a seaman . The well versed and competent faculty of AMET made sure that we become a successfully seafarer. Right now I have moved to Canada but even then the years spent at AMET campus would be always etched in my memory.

Kharag Singh
Chief Officer - BC Ferried, Canada.

Sailing always fascinated me from childhood , the very passion of exploring vast seas and beyond made me join AMET. At AMET I learnt and developed the essential skills which has not only helped in professional life but also on my personal life. When I look back at my days at college it floods me with memories which cannot be defined by words.

Robin Sharma
Chief Officer on Maersk Tankers

Really happy and proud to be graduated from AMET and have a good level of respect in the industry when I tell everyone as an AMETIAN. I always firmly believe that Hardwork pays off and it is so visible at AMET. Gone around the whole world as "AMET"ian, I am always grateful to the University. Now, I am about to step onto a next level in my promotion ladder which will happen very soon. Thanks to AMET and all the Chief engineers who taught us.

G. Yogaraj
BE.(ME) - 10
Second Enginer - APL Singapore

I am indebted to AMET University for a lot of things, but mostly I am grateful for the exposure it has given me. My study at AMET has given me opportunity to attend several workshops which helped me have a good start for fruitful career at sea. AMET plays a vital role in my life both in Academics and personal life. My mentors and faculty identified my strength to refine them for a successful career. I recommend every aspiring student who are all passionate about sea, to study in AMET to enrich their lives

Balaji .C
BSc Nautical Science (2007-2010)
Second Officer - Orient Ship Management

AMET basically was a turning point in my life. The training at AMET was very helpful during cadetship and more practical oriented. It gave me confidence to face situations and stand up on my own self. Hostel life at AMET is a special mention which had created a special bonding and especially taught me to be an independent individual. It has also helped to be in group and get along with all natives without any disparity among us.

Abiram Sreenivas
BSc Nautical Science
Deck Cadet - Chevron

AMET University played a pivotal role in shaping my career and my attitude as a whole to life, reality and dream building. I stand a testimony today, as the India's First Female Marine Pilot, of what wonders a group of dedicated faculty can do and what transformation can they bring about in a teen. The rigorous training made me tough and I turned out to be a fighter and I never give up. I thank my parents for believing me in choosing this career and I am always grateful to all my faculties and mentors. Wishing AMET many more years of success in being a lighthouse for the young of this nation and May the tribe of AMET multiply tenfold and prosper!

Reshma Nilofer
Marine Pilot

I obtained a bachelor degree in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering in the year 2019. Being a student at AMET was a wonderful experience for me. The faculty of NA & OE have a blend of both experienced and knowledgeable academians from the renowned industry and institutions. The students can look forward to gaining a lot from the faculty and the guest lectures and speakers from numerous industry throughout the four-year programme. The department thrives on the close collaboration with national and international ship designers and shipyards which helps the students to do their final thesis and later to step into the professional career. The department is also equipped with various sophisticated design tools used at industries, this helped me as a student to obtain the valuable skills and knowledge to enter the challenging industrial sector.

Toney Thamby
B.E. NA & OE (2015-2019)

The Academic experience through excellent faculty at AMET University has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The exceptional programmes and practical training and teaching methodologies backed by good skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all time support and motivation of the faculty members of AMET has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey. Hostel life at AMET is a special mention which had created a special bonding and especially taught me to be an independent individual. It has also helped to be in group and get along with all natives without any disparity among us.

R. Santhosh
B.E Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering
Design Engineer - Optio Marine Pvt. Ltd.

I was a part of the 9th batch of B.E Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering at AMET. During my studies, I was able to interact with people from different backgrounds which was a useful experience for me. The faculty of my department were very supportive and motivational throughout the course of my studies. The academic training I received at AMET was really helpful for me as I decided to pursue my higher studies at NTNU in Norway. I found that opportunities exist worldwide for naval architects and I am thankful to the members of faculty and and staff at AMET.

Saravanan. B
B.E Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering

After my Naval Architecture Under Graduation degree course at AMET, I got placed in NKOM at Qatar as Assistant engineer. After 2 years of working, I pursued my Masters degree in Italy. I later joined a design firm at Italy as Yacht designer. I am also now a freelancer handing design, development and project management of newly constructed yachts under my own brand, ULTRAMARINE YACHTS.

Balakumar R
B.E Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering

The journey from boy to man requires dedication and discipline. The initial days at AMET were tough, but those tough days help me to bring the best out of me. Our batch taught me what is team work and our university taught me the right knowledge and motivation can lead to heights. Those days was very special to me. AMET gave me a lot of Good memories that will made me smile.

B.E (Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering)
Design Engineer - Optio Marine Pvt. Ltd.

I chose to study B.E.EEE (Marine) & ETO at AMET. Our university is unique, which helps students in not only building their career but also enhances distinctive competencies and skillsets that helped me to grow my professional life in an exponential pace. I can surely see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am grateful to the AMET & Placement department. Highly qualified and experienced faculties helped me explore a lot in my area of studies. There is something motivational and special in this environment that boosted my confidence to a great extent that I can experience at my workplace now.

Gokul Nath. A
Electro Technical Officer
Pacific International Lines

My experience at AMET UNIVERSITY has been great and endured me with a lifelong career excellence. All time support and motivation from faculties has enlightened me throughout my academic year. One can cram from books, but originally it’s always the faculty and the surrounding environment that can transform a student into a professional one-AMET has a quality of everything. And also students can gain a lot from guest lectures and speakers from various industries in day to day life. I am so grateful to AMET for training me and providing me with an opportunity to be placed in one of the leading shipping company MAERSK LINE. I believe that the experience and learning I received from AMET will always guide me towards Success-in person as well as professional matters.

EEE (M) (2015-2019) / ETO (BATCH-17)

"My journey at AMET has been full of excitement, challenges and learning where every day offered the chance to learn something new. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all faculty members for always guiding and supporting me. AMET focused on developing a personality that can take on any challenge while constantly moving forward."

Sathish Kumar. B
Electro Technical Officer
Synergy Marine Group

Passion and dream are the first motive of a student in their university life. Therefore, I chose AMET University as my choice. There is a lot of golden opportunity to learn the world more than just education. Apart from the education system, the staffs of the University are friendlier in teaching period and taught me to be a discipline mariner. As well all known, maritime education is one of the challenging education field in the list of world ranking. When I'm join as electrical and electronic engineer, I started to become contented with the lesson techniques of the staff. With the techniques and excellent lesson, I luckily joined in campus interview of SEMBCORP MARINE. I'm glad to join in the part of SEMBCORP MARINE with the perfect lessons of AMET UNIVERSITY. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to share my experience in the path of AMET UNIVERSITY

Rajan Sivasankar
Sembcorp Marine, Singapore

Am very much fortunate for being graduated from AMET UNIVERSITY. First of all it helped me build my passion stronger and guided me to choose the right opportunity doors which were open in the maritime industry. The exclusive placement department moulds each and every student providing platform to enhance their skills. They taught me not just my professional expertize but also prepared me for my on-board environment. This place is an amalgamation of academics, co-curricular activities, extracurricular activities and most of all teaches competent professionalism. I thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude towards the university

Josephine Jennifer Lenceia
Electro Technical Officer

I would like to appreciate your good teaching and lecturing abilities, guidance, motivation and treating everybody equal. It was hard at first as an International student, we have to adjust lot of new things. But there are so many people here from different cultures which is nice to see. Professors and staff working are so friendly and are available for you at any time. I felt like I have found a new home here.

Ahmed Magaji
HND Nautical Science

I am person of Innovative and performance driven, an Entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and business. I started my own business in 2010 with 10 Lakh rupees and developed in to a 50crore business in 5 years. I extremely proud to share the news of being awarded the Young Entrepreneur award in India and In Singapore. All credits goes to our University.

Aristo Loganathan
BBA Shipping and Logistics

MBA with AMET was one of the best experiences of my life. A place to get involved and explore your passion in the field of shipping and logistics. The knowledge I gained has tremendously helped me in the field of work and it is something that has given me confidence. I take this opportunity to thank AMET and its faculty for the encouragement and co-operation during my course. I am proud to be part of AMET.

Key Client Manager
Maersk India Pvt Ltd, Chennai

I have completed my BE Marine Engineering, in July 2012. Before the course completion I got placed in SeaTeam Management through campus interview. The academic experience with good infrastructure and excellent faculty at AMET University has endured me with a career excellence. The 4 years spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better in life. The hands on training with the ship in campus and state of the art simulators will give us the practical approach.

Shradul Pathak
Sea Team Management

AMET has given me some wonderful opportunities, not only learning experiences but also some knowledge in management and responsibilities that have helped me to become a young entrepreneur. The years spent on the Mechanical Engineering course at AMET were the most formative and beneficial years of my life. Apart from academic coaching which is of the highest standard in the region, I also had numerous opportunities to participate in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities Foremost among their freedom for me to explore different technologies and participation in external project provided a great exposure and clear vision of my future.

B.E (Mechanical Engineering)

Well the struggle is real!
You start engineering at your 12th grade. That's a default choice even if you don't understand any amount of math and science in your high schooling life. Reason being- society, parents, peers, future prospects etc.
Well if you’re really into engineering then you have to earn the knowledge. Whenever I hear the word university or engineering or friends one thing that pops up in my mind is AMET. This place taught me a lot not just engineering but it taught me how to live a life independently. I was just glad and blessed to be here at the right time. In current competitive world it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are? All that matters is what you would shape yourself into and in shaping myself. AMET has played a very important role in many aspects. I am glad to be an alumni of this institution.

Mr.Ranjith Menon
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
Seafarer - Junior Engineer – M/s Seaspan Corporation

I am Narayana Swamy, a proud Alumni of Department of Mechanical Engineering, AMET University. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. AMET helped me to bring my leadership and management skills. I am thankful to all the professors and staffs who supported us and corrected us throughout our bachelors. The faculty are very friendly and easy to move with. I will always be grateful to them for providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me to reach the goal. It's a place where knowledge is triggered and your potential is unleashed. I had many opportunities to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities inside and outside the University. The knowledge from Industrial visits, Internships and projects are really helped in my current Job.

Narayana Swamy
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Trainee - Neyveli Lignite Corporation

AMET made me gregarious and industrious. Also taught me the most important life lesson that constant persistence and sheer hardwork can take you places in life. When we achieve, we usually do so because others have helped and acknowledged us. Gratitude to the HOD, faculty and other patrons of Mechanical engineering Dept. for all the guidance and support I have received.

Akhil Geevarghese Mathew
B.E Mechanical Engineering

We have a good infrastructure in AMET like Airconditioned classrooms, well maintained Electrical and welding workshops, Simulator lab, Large ship in campus with all the machineries, Airconditioned hostels also Basketball court and a swimming pool etc. The Real life experience onboard a ship on various machineries sometimes seems challenging and creative. Personally I like to work on Generators, purifiers and Various Pumps and motors. As we travel a lot I love to explore different scenic places and taking photographs. My most favourite place in Europe is Italy and Germany. Our Salary (3 lakhs/month) and the commitment towards the work makes us to stay longer and work in sea. Presently working as Third Engineer in Maersk Line.


When I decided to join merchant navy one of my relatives advised to me to join in AMET because of good placement and teaching. AMET is the one and only University which provides placement in the first year itself. Basically I did my studies in Tamil medium so I wanted to improve my professional and communication skills. I studied mechanical engineering continue with GME. I was little confused to step forward but AMET has gave me a confidence. Studying in AMET University brought an added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn a number of things. I have received a great support from faculties & placement office. I am thankful to Training & Placement cell for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.

Arjun Anandappan
MTM Ship Management

I am a Mechanical graduate, since I was always attracted towards sea, I found out that I have one option to join Marine field through GME, So I joined AMET University as it is one of the best Marine institution. As I was from NCC background I became Cadet captain (CC). GME is one year course, the program was so much more than I could have imagined, where we have to gain hands on experience on various machineries on-board trainings. AMET is well known for its placements. Right now I'm working with Wallem Ship management.

Ganesh Nayak
GME 16 Batch

AMET is the place where the cadets and students are from different parts of world come up with a dream to become a seafarer and I was one among them. AMET daily routine was tough but this is what made me as a successful seafarer. The classes will be taken by many renowned and extremely knowledgeable captains and commanders who taught us not only the basic things but also life and good seamanship skills with their sea experiences. AMET has helped me to make my own identity. Responsibility is on my shoulders and respect in other's eyes this is what I felt whenever I was in uniform. AMET hostel was second home for me where all natives live together without any disparity among them. A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be.”

Shubham Shah
B.Sc Nautical Science
Maersk A/S

I really loved being under one roof in that beautiful building and enjoyed the diversity of the campus. My professors and our batch mates are very friendly. The IELTS trainers support are remarkable. They helped me a lot to clear the IELTS exam with good score. Choosing AMET is the best decision I ever made.

Ms. Sonia
HND Nautical Science

As a foreign student, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful campus and the quality of facilities that AMET University provides, giving primary focus on the overall growth of the students. All Labs are well equipped with latest facilities which gives us hand on experience to handle the equipment’s on-board ship. Our HND department Faculty make us feel at home by being approachable whenever we are in need of assistance. It is an wonderful opportunity to explore UK during the second year of HND.

HND Nautical Science

I Am a deck cadet, from Nigeria. The environment of our University is so lovely and friendly. It's a place to visit again in the nearest future. They impact knowledge in us all both the NS and ME students, they build up our foundation...,Come to talk about the lectures, they are the best have ever seen in my entire life. They're well composed and take everyone as their own kids.... You don't have anything to worry about when you are there. I hope to visit AMET in the nearest future.

Oshonwoh Tamaraubrakemi
HND Nautical Science


The field of Naval architecture and Ocean engineering has given me a holistic and unique understanding of shipbuilding and offshore industry. The knowledge gained through this course is a combination of theoretical learning and practical experiences shared by the stalwarts of the filed. This unique knowledge has helped me become an efficient ship designer today. I'm proud of where I started by Journey in the field and also thankful to all the experts, who has guided me throughout my graduation and career.

Buvaneswari P Iyer
Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering
L & T Ship Building