ametunivDepartment of Physics

The Department of Physics, AMET was established in the academic year 2001-02. Physics being an integral part of every scientific innovation, teaching the principles of Physics to engineers is to lay a strong foundation to future technology. The Department offers Physics as allied subject to various branches of B.Sc, B.E., and B.Tech., courses. The curriculum is enriched to expose the students to various theoretical and practical aspects of basic Physics. Students who are to sail and work in the offshore environments are benefited by the knowledge gained. We strive and make them competent in understanding and applying Physics in their respective fields. Presently the department has a team of eight faculty members with seven Ph. D holders and one pursuing Ph. D. The faculty members are well experienced and have an academically sound background with several publications.

Department Library

The Department of Physics is maintaining a library with 390 books, 5 educational CDs prepared by faculty, four lab manuals and three journals for supporting the student learning and research activities.

Research Activities

The department of Physics is actively pursuing research and has 146 publications in various journals. The present faculty members are experienced in research and have publications in National/International peer reviewed journals. We have five research laboratories

  • Nanophotonics Research Laboratory
  • Optoelectronics Research Laboratory
  • Energy and Biophotonics Laboratory
  • Nanotechnology Laboratory
  • Optics & Photonics Laboratory