ametunivDepartment of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers exciting coaching for both undergraduate and graduate students, while providing the foundation in mathematics that is crucial to the education of AMET students.

Mathematics remains no longer an abstract that does not attract engineers and technologists. The subject would inspire and interest them a like only when Mathematics is used for its application in their chosen field. So, the department of Mathematics at AMET plays the role of a transform that helps to address the issues and challenges which Engineers and Technologists encounter in the pursuit of their profession. The department functions from the inception of the institution with the present strength of 8 qualified and dedicated faculty members. Our faculty members also conduct ongoing research on the best mathematical and statistical approaches to problems in a variety of areas.

Excellence and commitment are two eyes of the department as it always strives to be the centre for excellence in acquiring knowledge and skill required for Engineers and Technologists.

Department of Mathematics provides necessary skills for the budding engineering graduates to enable them in formulation of real life problems and apply mathematical methods to solve them and analyze the results for drawing logical conclusions. We give great emphasis on development of basics of Mathematics among the students of engineering. Talents of students in Mathematics are identified and students with potential are encouraged to enhance problem solving skills through participation in the activities performed in the forums like math club. The visit of eminent Mathematicians are arranged to supplement the curriculum taught in the class rooms. It provides opportunity to have discussions on last developments in engineering application of Mathematics. Mathematics department works closely in association with interdisciplinary departments in order to put Mathematics at its maximum applications.


The Department of Mathematics is functioning in this campus from the year 2001-2002