S.No. Name Cell / Centre / Committee
1Mr.R.PraveenkumarCoordinator, Staff Welfare Committee
2Dr.A.ThanikasalamCoordinator, Centre for Yoga and Human Excellence
3Mrs. H.J. ShanthiCoordinator, Women Empowerment Cell
4Mr.K.StalinCoordinator, SC/ST Cell
5Dr.B.M.ShameemCoordinator, Minority Cell
6Mr. P. RameshCoordinator, OBC Cell
7Mr. T. JohnsonCoordinator, Centre for IELTS
8Dr. N.R. RamkumarCoordinator, Student Council, Mess Committee and Health Centre
9Dr.K.GayathriCoordinator, Cultural Club and Fine Arts Club
10Dr.R.KarthikeyanCoordinator, Student Induction Programme
11Dr. K. ManigandanCoordinator, National Service Scheme
12Mr. PremanandCoordinator, National Cadet Corps
13Dr. N.R. RamkumarCoordinator, Outreach Programmes-Government Schemes
14Dr. RubenAntoCoordinator, Youth Red Cross
15Dr. I.PaulrajCoordinator, Eco Club
16Dr. N.R. RamkumarProctor-Hostel Administration
17Dr. SubhaCoordinator, Internal Publications
18Ms. V. AmirthavalliCoordinator, Student Counselling Centre
19Mrs. R. DivyaranjaniCoordinator, Gender Sensitization Cell and Day Care Centre
20Mr. J. BalasubramanianCoordinator, Networking
21Mr. P.RamanathanCoordinator, Leo Club and Blood Donation
22Dr. C. VairavanCoordinator, Rotaract Club
23Mr.S.ArunkumarCoordinator, Unnat Bharat Abiyan
24Mrs. U.PushpalathaCoordinator, Peace Club
25Mr.R. PraveenkumarCoordinator, Adventure Club
26Dr. D. ArivazhaganCoordinator, Media Club
27Dr. J. RengamaniCoordinator, Toast Master Club
28Dr. S. KrishnaCoordinator, Literature Club
29Dr. K. SekarCoordinator, Library Committee