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International Admission



Proudly hosting over 400 International student’s spanning over six nations, AMET University – Department of UCIR was exclusively established on 25.01.2013 to cater to the welfare of the international students. Presently students from Nigeria, Djibouti, Angola, Kenya, Sudan, Malaysia, and Mauritius are pursuing higher education in various disciplines at AMET University.

The gamut of UCIR activities from A to Z:

A. To facilitate admission process for foreign students

B. To provide orientation and counseling to the foreign students before and after the admission

C. To maintain data base of foreign students studying at AMET University.

D. To address the academic and nonacademic grievances of the foreign students.

E. To be the custodian of foreign students Passport, Residential permit and testimonials.

F. To assist foreign students to get their visas, residential permits and extending the same.

G. To facilitate the issuance of Uniforms and sports suits to foreign students.

H. To arrange periodical cultural meet exclusively for foreign students.

I. To provide update about the academic progress of foreign students to their respective sponsors.

J. To liaise with Head of the Departments of foreign students regarding academic activity.

K. To liaise with wardens of foreign students regarding nonacademic activity.

L. To liaise with Department of accounts to facilitate issuance of pocket money and funds for exigencies incurred by foreign students.

M. To liaise with catering officer with respect to the food aspects of foreign students.

N. To liaise with the Department of Physical Education to facilitate sports activities of foreign students.

O. To coordinate with the sponsors regarding the arrival and departure flight ticket schedule of foreign students.

P. To facilitate issuance of study material to foreign students

Q. To facilitate issuance of Identity card to foreign students.

R. To facilitate the issuance of Bona fide certificate, Residential permit and Financial guarantee certificates.

S. To be present as a member in committee’s convened to inquire foreign students

T. To arrange health insurance for foreign students.

U. To facilitate training and development of English language skills

V. To facilitate opening and closing of Bank account for foreign students.

W. To facilitate medical checkup and treatment of foreign students.

X. To maintain the annual strength of foreign students since inception.

Y. To facilitate the availability of university transport for foreign students.

Z.To provide course and fees information inquired by foreign students aspiring to join AMET University.



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