Research and Development Division

The Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) has established a Centre for Research to carryout advanced World Class Research in the following Maritime Emerging Areas


1.Ship Design

2.Ship Wrech

3.Marine Pollution

4.Vessel Traffic Management

5.Maritime Security

6.Climate Change

7.Ocean Acidification

8.Coastal / Marine Management

9.Inland Water Studies

10.Estuarine Studies

11.Maritime Policies

12.Shipping and Logistics

13.Maritime Law

14.Marine Insurance

15.Maritime Fleet Operations

16.Oil and Gas

17.Port Safety and Port waste Management

18.Offshore wind energy

19.Wave Energy

20.Coastal Hazards

21.Disaster Mitigation

22.Satellite Communication

23.Oil Pollution and Oil Sleek

24.Marine Navigation

25.Cargo handling

26.Health and Environment

27.Chemical Dispersion

28.Fisheries Science and Technology

29.Petroleum and Gas exploration

30.Water Pollution

31.Material and Invasive species

32.Bio fouling

33.EXIM Studies

34.Maritime Ecology

35.Maritime Boundaries

36.Maritime Terrorism and Piracy

37.Deep Sea Mining